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Eurisko Studios

The Blue River by Auguste Renoir

The Blue River by Auguste Renoir

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Printed on premium quality (230gsm) paper and features outstanding color and a high level of detail. This 12" x 18" art print is made in the USA and suitable for framing. The print includes a white border to allow for future matting and framing.

In a mesmerizing painting, a woman dressed in an elegant white gown stands gracefully on a serene lake. The artist's attention to detail is evident in the delicate brushstrokes that depict the woman's flowing dress and the shimmering water beneath her. Surrounding her, the tranquil blue lake reflects the vibrant colors of the surrounding landscape, with lush green trees in the background creating a picturesque scene. A vividly painted sailboat gently glides across the water, adding a touch of adventure to the otherwise peaceful setting. The boat's white sails billow in the breeze, and the artist captures the play of light and shadow on its wooden hull. Nearby, a bird perches on a moss-covered rock, its feathers intricately represented with vibrant hues of blue and yellow.

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