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Eurisko Studios

Moonlit Forest Along The River Illustration

Moonlit Forest Along The River Illustration

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Printed on premium quality (230gsm) paper and features outstanding color and a high level of detail. Made in the USA and suitable for framing. Available in 8" x 10" or 12" x 18 art prints.

This black and white illustration depicts a mountainous landscape dominated by forests and a winding river. The scene features a range of mountains bathed in sunlight on the right side of the image. Dominated by lush, thick trees, the forest runs down into the valley near the river on the left side of the image. Broken, dead trees punctuate the dense foliage on the far left, providing a contrast to the healthy trees. The black and white paper cut of the forest can be seen further up the river, with several trees and shrubs lining the bank. Towards the lower right of the image, the river twists and turns its way through the mountain terrain, reflecting the dense surrounding forest and the sky's white clouds. At the center background of the image, a range of snow-capped mountains is visible, silhouetted against the cloudy sky. The mountain range is surrounded by trees and is visible through a gap in the trees at the middle of the image. Overall, the scene captures a serene mountain landscape distinguished by its many trees, mountains, and a river's flow.

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